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Monday, February 3, 2014

Food Companies Take Fight Against GMO-Labeling To Federal Level

After spending millions of dollars to fight mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods in California and dozens of other states, large food companies have moved the fight to the federal level.
The GMO fight is expensive. California and more than two dozen other states are considering mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods. The food industry has spent more than $70 million to quash those high profile efforts in places like California and Washington State.
Now big food is making its presence felt at the U.S. Capitol.
The train that runs under the Capitol grounds brings lawmakers to work in the Senate and the lobbyist follow. Louis Finkel is one of them and he’s been busy. He’s with the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents about three hundred food companies. The association is suggesting legislation that would make GMO labeling voluntary nationwide. It would also require food manufacturers to report new GMO strains to the Food and Drug Administration. And Finkel says that should be enough.
In my opinion If a food company put “NO GMO’s “ on his label he could get a higher price for the product because there is an obvious demand.
The problem with GMO’s is that they can put pesticides or herbicides in every single cell in a plant. Because of this you get a much higher dose than you would if the farmer sprayed the field. When the farmer Sprays the pesticide is only on the outside of the plant and some of that will wash off when they wash the  fruit or vegetable during processing.
The industry claims that GMO’s  and they probably are in the short run, but no one knows what effects eating them over 10 or 20 years will have.
With the large amount that industry spends on congress who oversees the FDA many people feel that the FDA is in bed with industry. If you are against GMO’s it is time to contact your congressman.

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