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Monday, June 16, 2014

6/15/!4 Health News: Semen Test for Prostate Cancer ♦ CHIA SEEDS:CAUSE 65 SALMONELLA INFECTIONS, ♦ Test Predicts if Breast Cancer Will Spread ♦ Babies May Get Allergy Protection Roaches

Chia seeds are an increasingly popular ingredient in the health food world. The Dr. Oz Show and various health magazines have been highlighting them, and recipes with this “superfood” have been popping up all over Pinterest and BuzzFeed. But before you go adding chia powder to your morning smoothie, check to be sure it isn’t... Continue Reading
Babies May Get Allergy Protection From Cats, Even Roaches
Cockroaches might not seem to have much in common with farm animals. But a new study suggests urban newborns who share their homes with cockroaches, mice and cats might get the same kind of protection from allergies and asthma that farm children seem to get from the animals in their barns. Continue Reading
Semen Test for Prostate Cancer May Improve Diagnosis,

Semen contains prostate cancer biomarkers that could over time improve diagnosis of the condition, a group of Australian researchers said. After analyzing seminal fluid samples from 60 men, the researchers discovered tiny molecules called microRNAs known to be elevated in prostate cancer Continue Reading

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