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Saturday, June 28, 2014

6/28/14 Health News:Dangerous Are Energy Drinks ♦ Pain-relief cream caused a baby's death ♦ SEAFOOD GUIDANCE FROM THE FDA MAY NOT PROTECT CONSUMERS ♦ After Drug Resistance

Just How Dangerous Are Energy Drinks, Anyway?
After a day of sipping energy drinks on the beach in Rocky Point, Mexico, 16-year-old Lanna Hamann went into cardiac arrest and died on June 14.While the cause of Hamann’s death is still unknown, the potential dangers of caffeinated energy drinks like Red Bull, Monster and Rock Star have public health advocates worried -- and for good reason. Continue Reading
Pain-relief cream concoction, part of a $25M scam, inadvertently caused a baby's death
Southern California doctors were bribed to prescribe a pain-relief concoction as part of a $25 million workers' compensation scam that inadvertently caused a baby's death, according to indictments.Continue Reading
Consumer advocates are concerned that the recently updated federal guidance encouraging pregnant women, nursing mothers and children to consume two to three servings of fish and shellfish a week oversimplifies its species recommendations. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) and the Mercury Policy Project (MPP), along with mercury researcher Philippe Grandjean, think that the Food and Drug Administration... Continue Reading
After Drug Resistance: The Alamo Today

San Antonio de Valero is a former Roman Catholic mission and fortress where the Battle of the Alamo occurred from February 23 until March 6, 1836. Now known simply as the Alamo, this compound has been damaged, ransacked, and renovated many times before work on its present configuration as a museum in downtown San Antonio, Texas, USA, was completed in 1968. Continue Reading

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