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Friday, August 22, 2014

8/22/14 Health News: Food Additives on the Rise* Safety Specialists Warn Not to Eat Canned Soups* CONTAMINATION AT CHECKOUT: GROCERY CONVEYOR BELTS

Food Additives on the Rise as FDA Scrutiny Wanes
For related articles and information, please visit OCA's Health Issues page and our Food Safety Research Center page. Thousands of consumers say a protein-rich fungus in Quorn products has caused them to experience allergic reactions and severe bouts of vomiting and diarrhea. The manufacturer says allergic reactions are rare and that their vegetarian product line is safe and …continue reading
Food Safety Specialists Warn Not to Eat Canned Soups, Sauces by Corfinio Foods
Food safety staff from the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services put out a statement Wednesday, warning people not to eat any canned soups or sauces made by Corfinio Foods of Richmond.  The products were improperly processed, making them susceptible to contamination with botulinum toxin, which can lead to serious illness and death. Corfinio Foods is … continue reading

Few places are dirtier than the checkstand conveyor belts at your local supermarket. Going round and round, year after year, conveyor belts may look clean, but they are actually a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria. Shoppers place billions of products on these contaminated belts, exposing foods — and families — to potentially harmful pathogens. For... Continue Reading

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