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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9/16/14 Health News: Homeland Security ‘ill-prepared’ for pandemics ♦ New Products Sniff Out Food Additives ♦ CAN RESTAURANT AUTHENTICITY TRUMP FOOD SAFETY?

Homeland Security ‘ill-prepared’ for potential pandemics
The Department of Homeland Security is ill-prepared for potential pandemics, despite receiving $47 million to plan, train and otherwise ramp up for such events, according to a federal audit. Continue Reading
Get to know your food: Products sniff out additives
New products on the market can help detect unwanted additives or help regulate caffeine intake. For reasons of allergy, diet and health consciousness, increasing demand to know details the nutrition label doesn’t reveal and information that restaurants are rarely obligated to reveal has inspired several prototypes and testing methods that could soon …continue reading

According to a recent study published in the academic journal Management Science, consumers are willing to disregard a restaurant’s poor health record if they believe the products and services are “authentic.” Inspiration for the study reportedly came from Chinese restaurants in Los Angeles in the 1980s that stored ducks by hanging them from their necks... Continue Reading

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