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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9/914 Health News; Baby foods contain raised levels of cancer risk chemicals ♦ Taiwan food safety remains problematic ♦ French lavender farmers furious over EU regulation

Baby foods, cereals and crisps found to contain raised levels of cancer risk chemicals
Three baby foods as well as crisps, cereals and chips contain raised levels of a chemical linked to cancer.The Food Standards Agency (FSA) found higher than expected levels of acrylamide in a range of popular products.The substance, which develops during the cooking process, has been linked to a higher risk of cancer. Continue Reading
Taiwan food safety remains as problematic as ever
Food safety usually seems to be high on the priority lists of consumers, but it seems like we have little control over it. We trust the suppliers to protect us, but time and time again they have failed us. Tons of recycled oil have been uncovered at a Pingtung factory where products were reprocessed and redistributed through a major supplier, Chang Guann, to many food processing … continue reading
French lavender farmers furious over EU regulation they see as poisonous for their product

The sweet smell of lavender is tinged with bitterness this year in the south of France, as farmers who harvest the flower protest European regulations linking the plant to chemical toxins. Billboards proclaiming "Lavender is not a chemical" dot fields that yield what in Provence is known as blue gold — lavender oil, worth over 100 euros a kilogram. continue reading

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