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Monday, January 12, 2015

1/12/15 Health News: China arrests 110 people selling tainted pork ♦ TWO DAIRIES CITED FOR DRUG RESIDUES ♦ Cockroach-infested CA bakery ♦ Protect your heart

China arrests over 110 people for selling tainted pork
FBR Staff Writer Published 12 January 2015 In the latest food scandal, China has arrested over 110 people and seized over 1,000 tonnes of contaminated pork for allegedly selling pork from pigs that died from disease. According to the Ministry of Public Security, the arrested people belonged to a network that comprised 11 groups, who had been buying pigs that had died from disease, …Continue Reading
In December, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent warning letters to two dairy farms regarding illegal drug residues in animals sold for slaughter for food. Hageman Dairy Farms in Ossian, IA, was cited for selling a feeder steer in May that had neomycin in its kidney tissue at 50.52 parts per million (ppm)... Continue Reading
Over 30 sick ill after eating bread from cockroach-infested CA bakery
More than 30 people are sick after eating Rosca de Reyes bread, also known as Three Kings bread, distributed by Cholula’s Bakery in Santa Ana, The agency closed the bakery after an investigation revealed traces of cockroach infestation.Continue Reading
Hold your breath to protect your heart

A simple technique may be most effective in preventing heart disease after radiation therapy for breast cancer. New research shows a woman who holds her breath during radiation pulses can greatly reduce radiation exposure to the heart. Continue Reading

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