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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

1/6/15 Health News: Kansas prisons repeat food safety violations ♦ 1.5 million cancer deaths averted ♦ Vaccinating Saves Lives ♦ Predicting superbugs' countermoves to new drugs

Kansas prisons yield repeat food safety violations
Dirty kitchen conditions and violations repeated for several months are among some of the more consistent findings in food safety inspections for Kansas prisons.
Although the corrections department adheres to Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) food safety guidelines, like restaurants, it doesn’t rely on KDA staff to do the inspections. Continue Reading
More than 1.5 million cancer deaths averted during 2 decades of dropping mortality
The American Cancer Society's annual cancer statistics report finds that a 22 percent drop in cancer mortality over two decades led to the avoidance of more than 1.5 million cancer deaths that would have occurred if peak rates had persisted Continue Reading
Vaccinating Saves Lives
For those who grew up in the 1950s and early 1960s, measles was almost a childhood rite of passage. Fifty years ago there were half a million cases and 500 deaths reported in the United States every year. South Dakota experienced over 10,000 cases of measles during the peak years before the 1960s Continue Reading
Predicting superbugs' countermoves to new drugs

With drug-resistant bacteria on the rise, even common infections that were easily controlled for decades are proving trickier to treat with standard antibiotics. New drugs are desperately needed, but so are ways to maximize the effective lifespan of these drugs. To accomplish that, researchers used software they developed to predict a constantly-evolving infectious bacterium's counter-moves to one of these new drugs ahead of time, before the drug is even tested on patients. Continue Reading

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