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Friday, December 27, 2013

12/27/13 Health News: Shipping Delays Hurt Perishable Foods, Drug Resistant TB Spreading, FDA Looking For new Antibiotic for drug resistant Bacteria

Shipping Debacle poses Threat to Perishable Food Business

A CNN report on shipping delays through UPS and FedEx over the Christmas holiday outlines the complex issues faced by affected businesses.
In a December 26 CNN report about the recent news regarding the widespread problems with shipping delays through UPS and FedEx over the Christmas holiday, the word “loss” stands out like a sore thumb. And businesses that count on a good amount of their online sales are standing on the sidelines awaiting the verdict on how the shipping giants plan to settle up at the end of the day.continue reading

Global Resistance to TB Drugs is 'Ticking Time Bomb'
Increasing resistance to tuberculosis drugs around the world is a "ticking time bomb", says the World Health Organization (WHO). It estimates almost 500,000 people around the world have a type of TB which is resistant to at least two of the main types of drugs used to treat the disease. But most are not diagnosed and are walking around spreading these more deadly strains. More than half the cases are in China, Russia and India.continue reading

FDA Seeks Anti-‘superbug’ Bill
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants Congress to pass a bill to help the agency combat the scourge of germs that have grown resistant to antibiotic drugs. Legislation would allow the agency to create a program to develop special drugs designed to attack so-called “superbugs” that have become resistant to other medicine, the director of FDA's drug evaluation center, Janet Woodcock, said. Though the agency might have the legal power to develop a program on its own, Woodcock said, legislation would be the best way to start the initiative swiftly and forcefully.continue reading

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