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Saturday, December 14, 2013

China: Government Takes Shark Fin Soup Off the Menu

Chinese Government Officials will no longer have banquets with shark fin soup, bird's nests and other extravagances based parts of rare animals, which for centuries have been the luxury in the tradition of the country. This was decided by the Communist Party, which announced a crackdown motivated by the need to contain the huge cost of the apparatus and the consequent corruption,
Restaurants also will not be allowed, to offer cigarettes and alcohol, let alone gifts in cash to officials Officials will no longer be allowed to stay in luxury hotels or fly in business class. This provoking the immediate approval of environmental groups.The Hong Kong Shark Foundation stated 73 million sharks are slaughtered every year in an often bloody, or mutilated and thrown back into the sea to die from bleeding,  
, "This decision destined to have a huge impact on Chinese society, used to mimic the actions of their leaders and, in particular, to follow the guidelines of the party. It does not matter if this decision stems from economic reasons: it is very important and will have a significant effect on all the restaurants in the country.

The first consequences have been a waiver of this dish by airlines such as Cathay Pacific and some hotel chains in Hong Kong and China  Hopefully the change imposed by the party will be also adopted by the rest of the population.

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