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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Don’t Let Your Children Read This Post

Don’t Let Your Children Read This Post
Christmas has been canceled in several states. Santa is afraid to go into houses in states where they have  the Stand Your Ground Law. Especially in Florida where has to go in through the window because they do not have chimneys.
Mrs Claus suggested he get a bulletproof vest but santa felt that they could still hit him in the knee. Plus he has not had the time to sign up for Obama care yet. Mrs Claus is very upset. She wants all the presents out of the house so she can do her cleaning.
One of the elves suggested they could get the states to ban the use of the Stand Your Ground Law on Christmas but there was not the time, plus it is impossible to get politicians to agree on anything these days.
Another elves suggested they get the children to hide their eyes and come in the day time but you know they would peek. Well Maybe next year they will figure something out

Merry Christmas

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