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Friday, April 11, 2014

4/11/14 Health News: PAPA JOHN’S WAS SOURCE OF HEPATITIS A SCARE ♦ Quick Health Gains After a Smoking Ban ♦ 10 Medical Tests to Avoid ♦Shorter Shifts Don't Help Medical Residents or Patients

A Charlotte, NC, Papa John’s outlet is to blame for a Hepatitis A scare, according to the Mecklenburg County Health Department. Anyone who ate food from the location on March 28 and 29 should get the Hepatitis A vaccine immediately. Officials are looking into a potential Hepatitis A outbreak from the Papa John’s location in... Continue Reading

Quick Health Gains After a Smoking Ban
The number of premature births and children’s hospital visits for asthma dropped significantly in parts of the United States, Canada, and Europe barely a year after they enacted smoking bans, researchers reported in The Lancet. The new analysis combined the results of 11 studies encompassing more than 2.5 million births and nearly 250,000 asthma attacks. Experts called it the best evidence to date that legislation creating smoke-free public places and workplaces improves children’s health, even in the womb.Source: Continue Reading
10 Medical Tests to Avoid
You may not need these common health exams as often as you think.
The American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation asked more than 50 medical societies — of family doctors, oncologists, cardiologists and other specialties — to identify tests and treatments that are often unnecessary. AARP is a consumer partner with this campaign, called Choosing Wisely..Continue Reading

Shorter Shifts Don't Help Medical Residents or Patients

The notorious 24- or even 36-hour shifts that medical residents work in hospitals around the world have been widely criticized for leading to medical errors and poor patient outcomes. This led to a slew of legislation limiting on-call hours. But new research prepared by a trauma surgeon at St. Michael’s Hospital shows that shorter shifts don’t improve patient care and can actually worsen residents’ exam scores Continue Reading

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