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Saturday, April 12, 2014

4/12/14 Health News: Living Organ Returned to Youth by Gene Manipulation ♦ Southeast Asia is Polio-free ♦ First Look at Medicare Data in 35 Years ♦ Skipping Biopsy With New Tools to Spot Cancer

Southeast Asia is Polio-free, World Health Organization Rules

The World Health Organization declared Southeast Asia polio-free, marking a global health milestone for India, where the disease accounted for nearly half of all worldwide cases just five years ago. The announcement comes after an independent commission of public health experts determined that the 11-nation region, as defined by the WHO, has not had a confirmed polio case for the last three years.Continue Reading

Sidestepping the Biopsy With New Tools to Spot Cancer
For people with cancer or suspected cancer, the biopsy is a necessary evil — an uncomfortable and somewhat risky procedure to extract tissue for diagnosis or analysis. Lynn Lewis, a breast cancer patient in Brooklyn, has had her cancer analyzed an easier way: simple blood tests that are being called “liquid biopsies.”: Continue Reading

Living Organ Regeneration 'First' by Gene Manipulation
An elderly organ in a living animal has been regenerated into a youthful state for the first time, UK researchers say. The thymus, which is critical for immune function, becomes smaller and less effective with age, making people more susceptible to infection. A team at the University of Edinburgh managed to rejuvenate the organ in mice by manipulating DNA. Continue Reading

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