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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Health News: Tamiflu: Millions Wasted on Flu Drug ♦ Simmons College - Norovirus Outbreak ♦ Africa Ebola Outbreak

Tamiflu: Millions Wasted on Flu Drug
The UK has spent £473m on Tamiflu, which is stockpiled by governments globally to prepare for flu pandemics. The Cochrane Collaboration claimed the drug did not prevent the spread of flu or reduce dangerous complications, and only slightly helped symptoms. Continue Reading
Simmons College Warns Students of Norovirus Outbreak
Simmons College have notified students about a norovirus outbreak.As many as 20 students were infected since the weekend. This outbreak comes just one week before final exams.The school sent emails about what they’re doing to keep people healthy.Continue Reading

Norovirus Outbreak Traced to Reusable Grocery Bag
A new study shows just how easy it is to catch norovirus, the fast-spreading stomach bug that's famous for causing misery on cruise ships. The study tracked a 2010 outbreak of norovirus among young soccer players in Oregon. Seven out of 17 players who attended an out-of-state tournament fell ill with severe vomiting and diarrhea, but curiously, none of them had been in direct contact with the index case -- the first girl to get sick. Investigators were stumped . Continue Reading
Note 1 Hand sanitizer does not work on norovirus. Soap and water does work.
Note 2 Wash reusable grocery
West Africa Ebola Outbreak Just Beginning

The deadly Ebola virus could continue to spread in West Africa for months in one of the most challenging outbreaks of the disease the international community has ever faced, health experts said Tuesday. The outbreak has now caused 101 deaths from 157 suspected and confirmed cases in Guinea, where the outbreak originated, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Tuesday. Another 21 suspected and confirmed cases in neighboring Liberia have caused 10 deaths. Continue Reading

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