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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

4/15/14 Health News: Poisoning Spike Linked to TV Chefs ♦ Refills for E-cigarettes Break Poison Labelling Laws ♦ Should be Skeptical of Walmart’s Cheap Organic Food ♦ Hospital Cited for 8 Violations in TB outbreak

Most nicotine refills for e-cigarettes break poison labelling laws
Almost 70% of nicotine-based refills for electronic cigarettes fail to state the contents are poisonous, despite this being required by law, according to research by the Dutch food safety body NVWA. The packaging should carry a skull icon to show the contents are dangerous to health. This means users are not being properly warned about the contents Continue Reading

Poisoning spike linked to TV chefs
A SPIKE in food poisoning cases has been linked to South Australians undercooking eggs at home.The new cases have sparked warnings from health authorities to be wary of attempting techniques used on television cooking shows.SA Health figures show 353 cases of potentially life-threatening salmonellosis have been reported throughout the state so far this year. That is about a third more than the number of cases — 267 — reported at the same time last year.Continue Reading

Why you should be skeptical of Walmart’s cheap organic food
Out on the mean streets of the U.S. organic foods industry, Walmart has stepped onto the corner with both guns drawn. On Thursday, the superstore behemoth announced its plan to partner with Wild Oats(which you may recognize as a former subsidiary of Whole Foods) to offer a line of organic goods at unprecedentedly low prices in 2,000 of its U.S. stores. To start, the line will offer primarily canned goods and other pantry staples that will cost up to 25 percent less than those of other organic brands. Continue Reading

Summerlin Hospital cited for 8 violations in TB outbreak

The Nevada Occupational Safety and Health Administration announced Thursday that it cited Summerlin Hospital for eight violations in connection with last year's tuberculosis outbreak that claimed the life of a mother and at least one of her children. Continue Rea

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