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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

7/15/14 Health News: E. COLI O111 OUTBREAK UNDER INVESTIGATION ♦ New method for detecting allergies ♦ Web Tool To Reduce Listeria in smoked fish ♦ Risky food safety practices in the home

The Minnesota Department of Health is investigating 13 cases of E. coli O111 in the state, which they believe has been caused by a “widely distributed food item.” Seven of the 13 cases reported eating at Applebee’s restaurants in the state between June 24 and 27, the other six cases have no apparent connection to... Continue Reading
New fast and accurate method for detecting allergies
Researchers at the EPFL have developed an effective technique to determine what exactly are the proteins responsible for milk allergies. This innovative approach will be applicable to other foodstuffs.Continue Reading  NOTE this article is in French you can use google to translate.
New Web Tool To Reduce Listeria in smoked fish
The UK Food Standards Agency has launched a free web tool designed to help producers of smoked fish ensure that their products are safe for consumers by reducing the risk of Listeria contamination.Continue Reading
While most consumers are very aware of food safety issues, including salmonella, and the risk of foodborne illness, many do not follow recommended food safety practices in preparing their own meals at home, according to new research from UC Davis. The study, which examined

preparation of raw poultry, found that the most common risks stemmed from cross contamination and …continue reading

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