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Sunday, July 6, 2014

7/6/14 Health News:Avoid food poisoning ♦ US Food Manufacturing—Science Based or Reckless? ♦ Natural' food is meaningless ♦ FDA losing battle against tainted imported food

How to avoid pitfalls of food poisoning
Planning on enjoying a picnic or barbecue this weekend? Be extra careful because the likelihood of getting food poisoning is higher during the summer, especially if you are eating outside. A food safety specialist from Kansas State University said it's easy to avoid getting sick if you pay attention to the details. Separating your drinks and your food in different coolers can … continue reading
US Food Manufacturing—Science Based or Reckless?
Historically, the European Union (EU) has taken a far stricter, more cautious stance with regards to genetically engineered (GE) crops and foods. Not only must GE foods be labeled in the EU, but resistance to growing GE crops is high in general. As reported two years ago, an estimated 75 percent of Germans oppose GE, and few politicians are in favor of genetic technology. Over … continue reading

Natural' food is big business; too bad it's meaningless

If it’s natural, it must be good for you – or at least better than the alternative, right? That’s what the majority of shoppers assume when they see the word “natural” on the processed foods that fill supermarket shelves, which in turn is why food manufacturers use it liberally on their product packaging. According to a survey released by Consumer Reports on 16 June, 60% of …continue reading

FDA losing battle against tainted imported food

(In April 2012, inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigated a seafood company in southern India that had been exporting tons of frozen yellowfin tuna to the United States. What they found wasn’t appetizing: water tanks rife with microbiological contamination, rusty carving knives, paint peeling above the work area, unsanitary bathrooms and an outdoor ice …continue reading

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