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Thursday, November 28, 2013

11/28/13 Health News: FDA Closes Mung Been Plant, Compounding Pharmacy Bill, Drug Resistant Bacteria

Court Order Keeps CA Company From Processing Food Until it Cleans Up
Alfred Louie, Inc., in Bakersfield, CA, has agreed to the terms of a court order not to process or distribute food until it cleans up the unsanitary conditions found by U.S. Food and Drug Administration inspectors. The company receives, processes, manufactures, prepares, packs, holds and distributes ready-to-eat mung bean and soybean sprouts and wheat flour noodles Continue Reading

Bill on Drug Compounding Clears Congress a Year After a Meningitis Outbreak
A bill that would give the Food and Drug Administration more power to police compounding pharmacies passed its final hurdle in Congress, in what experts said was an important step to a safer drug supply in the United States. The bill, which cleared the Senate without opposition, stops short of giving the F.D.A. complete authority over pharmacies that tailor-mix drugs for individual patients, a process known as compounding. But the bill still provides significant new safeguards, which have earned it the support of public health advocates around the country. “It has very sharp teeth,” said Sarah Sellers, a drug safety consultant who has tracked the issue for years.continue reading

FDA Pushes to Fight Drug-resistant Germs
Bacteria can develop resistance to antibiotic drugs over time. A report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this year asserted that there are “potentially catastrophic consequences” of ignoring drug-resistant bacteria, which infect at least 2 million Americans each year. Woodcock, director of the FDA’s drug evaluation and research center, said that Congress should discourage doctors from prescribing antibiotics when they’re not necessary. “We feel that it should be explored that the Congress could make some kind of program that would really send a signal about limited use and good antibiotic stewardship,” she said continue reading

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