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Friday, November 8, 2013

Australia: Recall Spicy Peanuts due to Aflatoxin

Haldiram Food International Private Ltd has recalled Haldiram's Nagpur Indian Snacks Tasty Nuts
These spiced coated fried peanuts has a batch code of 13N-198 and APN/EAN: 904004403640
The recall is due to the presence of aflatoxin at levels above those permitted in the national Food Standards Code. Food products containing aflatoxin may cause illness if consumed. Aflatoxin is a poison that can cause liver disease in humans.
This product was sold in South Australia and Victoria by Indian supermarkets and independent retailers It was supplied by Haldiram Food International Private Ltd.
Consumers should not eat this product and should return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.
For further information please call Indya Foods Pty Ltd Consumer Enquires on (03) 9548 1122.
Aflatoxins are toxic metabolites produced by certain fungi in or on foods and feeds. They are probably the best known and most intensively researched mycotoxins in the world. Aflatoxins have been associated with various diseases, such as aflatoxicosis, in livestock, domestic animals and humans throughout the world. The occurrence of aflatoxins is influenced by certain environmental factors; hence the extent of contamination will vary with geographic location, agricultural practices, and the susceptibility of commodities to fungal invasion during pre-harvest, storage, and processing periods. Aflatoxins have received greater attention than any other mycotoxins because of their demonstrated potent carcinogenic effect in susceptible laboratory animals and their acute toxicological effects in humans. As it is realized that absolute safety is never achieved, many countries have attempted to limit exposure to aflatoxins by imposing regulatory limits on commodities intended for use as food and feed.

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