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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Madagascar: Four Dead and Several in Coma from Food Poisoning from Shark Meat

A total of 4 people have died from food poisoning caused by the consumption of shark meat in the district of East Fenerive, Madagascar.
According to the local journal Midi, after the death of 2 men, a child and a woman who died of food poisoning after eating shark meat in the village of Ampasibe Manampatrana, While most of the victims were able to return to their homes, others are still quite ill, said The News. After 4 days of intensive care, 10 patients have not yet awakened from coma, while 3 others are aware but are in a serious condition. Hospital sources say that "23 patients are still being followed day and night, with doctors closely monitoring their health."
Note that this food intoxication goes back to last Monday, 11 Nov 2013, after a local fisherman captured and sold, in the local market, a shark of a weight of 120 kg, suspected to be toxic and harmful to human health.
For the most part, eating shark meat has been felt to be safe, but it can contain toxic levels of mercury. However, published reports from eastern Madagascar documents a large cluster of foodborne illness from a bull shark (_Carcharhinus leucas_) with gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms and a case fatality rate of almost 30 percent.

Source: ProMED-mail


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