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Friday, June 26, 2015

Brain Research: what happens in the brain when we think? ♦ What controls blood flow in the brain? ♦ How does the brain recognize faces?

What controls blood flow in the brain? Scientists present the strongest evidence yet that smooth muscle cells surrounding blood vessels in the brain are the only cells capable of contracting to control blood vessel diameter and thus regulate blood flow. This basic anatomical understanding may have implications in stroke and migraines
Potential drug lessens neuron degeneration in Parkinson's disease model The first test in a mammalian model of a potential new class of drugs to treat Parkinson’s disease shows abatement of neurodegeneration in the brains of test rats and no significant toxicities.
Therapy affects the brain of people with Tourette Syndrome In addition to its effect on chronic tics, cognitive behaviour therapy can change the brain function of people with Tourette syndrome.Tourette syndrome is a disorder mainly characterized by motor and vocal tics in affected people.
what happens in the brain when we think New research questions the prevailing doctrine on how the brain absorbs and processes information.

How does the brain recognize faces from minimal information? Our brain recognizes objects within milliseconds, even if it only receives rudimentary visual information. Researchers believe that reliable and fast recognition works because the brain is constantly making predictions about objects in the field of view and is comparing these with incoming information. Only if mismatches occur in this process do higher areas of the brain have to be notified of the error in order to make active corrections to the predictions.

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