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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Health News:,Dozens Of Children from Alabama daycare treated for food poisoning ♦ Popular olive oil accused of fraud ♦ Diabetes medication reduces dementia risk

,Dozens Of Children from Alabama daycare treated for food poisoning By News Desk | June 24, 2015 Dozens of children younger than 10 years old are being treated at Montgomery, AL, hospitals for an apparent foodborne illness. A state health officer told local media Tuesday night that more than 60 of them were from the Sunny Side Child Care Center in west Montgomery. At least 50 of the children are in a special unit at Baptist South Medical Center
Popular olive oil accused of fraud Class action lawsuits charge three popular olive oil companies are deceiving customers about where their olive oil comes from — and what it’s made of. Sales of olive oil have been steadily rising in recent years. The industry had an annual growth rate of nearly ten percent from 2009 to 2014. The surge is due, in large part, to reports hailing the cooking ingredients health benefits.
When inflammation occurs, kidneys work to protect themselves, researchers find In an apparent effort to help themselves, inflamed kidney cells produce one of the same inflammation-suppressing enzymes fetuses use to survive, researchers report.
How Huntington's disease proteins spread from cell to cell By identifying in spinal fluid how the characteristic mutant proteins of Huntington's disease spread from cell to cell, scientists and colleagues have created a new method to quickly and accurately track the presence and proliferation of these neuron-damaging compounds -- a discovery that may accelerate the development of new drugs to treat this incurable disease.
Diabetes medication reduces dementia risk Treating people with type 2 diabetes, also known as 'age-related diabetes' with anti diabetics reduces their risk for Alzheimer's and other types of dementia. The risk is most significantly reduced by the drug pioglitazone. Researchers draw this conclusion from an analysis of health insurance data.

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