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Monday, November 17, 2014

11/17/14 Health News:Total recall- Not the movie ♦ Cancer-causing gene ♦ Premature infants exposed to unsafe chemical in medical products ♦ Rotten egg smell helps smokers' quit

The science behind total recall: New player in brain function and memory
Is it possible to change the amount of information the brain can store? Maybe, according to a new international study. The research has identified a molecule that puts a brake on brain processing and when removed, brain function and memory recall is improved. Continue Reading
Researchers silence leading cancer-causing gene
A new approach to block the KRAS oncogene, one of the most frequently mutated genes in human cancer, has been developed by researchers. The approach offers another route to attack KRAS, which has proven to be an elusive and frustrating target for drug developers.Continue Reading
Premature infants are exposed to unsafe levels of chemical in medical products used to save their lives
Hospitalized premature infants are exposed to unsafe levels of a chemical found in numerous medical products used to treat them, raising questions about whether critically ill newborns may be adversely affected by equipment designed to help save their lives  Continue Reading
Behavioral changes seen after sleep learning: Rotten egg smell blended with cigarette smell helps smokers' quit
The scientist who discovered that we can learn in our sleep via conditioning with odor, has now shown that smokers used fewer cigarettes after a night of olfactory training. By exposing sleeping smokers to the smell of cigarettes paired with rotten eggs or fish, the team saw a significant reduction in the amount smoked Continue Reading

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