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Sunday, November 2, 2014

11/2/14 Health News: Robotically assisted surgery cuts recovery time ♦ Tea, citrus lower ovarian cancer risk ♦ Antisocial behavior a consequence of homelessness ♦ psoriasis cure

Robotically assisted coronary artery bypass grafting surgery is a rapidly evolving technology that shortens hospital stays and reduces the need for blood products, while decreasing recovery times, making the procedure safer and less risky, experts say. Continue Reading
Tea and citrus fruits and juices are associated with a lower risk of developing ovarian cancer, according to new research. The research reveals that women who consume foods containing flavonols and flavanones (both subclasses of dietary flavonoids) significantly decrease their risk of developing epithelial ovarian cancer, the fifth-leading cause of cancer death among women Continue Reading
Antisocial behavior a consequence, rather than cause of homelessness
Anti-social behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse are often the consequence, rather than the cause of homelessness, according to a series of studies that suggest that contrary to common belief, unexpected life events could lead to anyone becoming homeless. Continue Reading
Lesion-healing mechanism in psoriasis discovered

The underlying genetic factors that help repair skin lesions caused by psoriasis has been discovered by researchers, which could engender new methods of controlling the lingering condition. "Our research suggests that targeting this mechanism of healing may lead to pharmaceutical products that limit the itchy, painful lesions all psoriasis sufferers must endure," the lead researcher said. Continue Reading

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