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Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/6/14 Health News: Potential treatment for obesity ♦ Nanobodies ♦ Blood test for many cancer types ♦ Possible alternative to antibiotics

Pterostilbene, a molecule similar to resveratrol, as a potential treatment for obesity
Pterostilbene is a phenolic compound in the same family as resveratrol and is present in small amounts in a large variety of foods and beverages like blueberries or red wine. Researchers have observed in animal models that its administration reduces the build-up of body fat, which could reduce the risk of developing other diseases like diabetes. Continue Reading
New technique efficiently turns antibodies into highly tuned 'nanobodies'
A new system promises to make nanobodies -- antibodies' tiny cousins -- dramatically more accessible for all kinds of research. Continue Reading
Scientists have identified more than 800 markers in the blood of cancer patients that could help lead to a single blood test for early detection of many types of cancer in future, according to researcher Continue Reading
Possible alternative to antibiotics
A novel substance for the treatment of severe bacterial infections has been developed to work without antibiotics. Scientists say that this would prevent the development of antibiotic resistance. Continue Reading

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