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Monday, December 8, 2014

112/8/14 Health News:New Synthetic Food ♦Chicken sold in UK infected with campylobacter ♦SEAFOOD PROCESSORS RECEIVE FDA WARNING ♦ Pro-GMO Lobby-Anti-science

Coming to a table near you: Synthetic Food
There's a new twisted cousin to GMO foods already making headway ininfiltrating the food system. Synthetic biology is the science of designing organisms in the laboratory that make things more efficiently than in nature. And, like their genetically engineered predecessors, the public has already been inducted into the huge science experiment. Why? Because chances are you may …Continue Reading
Chicken sold in UK supermarkets infected with campylobacter
70 per cent of chicken sold in UK supermarkets infected with campylobacter bacteria, Food Standards Agency The UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published the cumulative results from the first two quarters of its year-long survey of campylobacter on fresh chickens, which showed that 70 per cent of chicken sold in UK supermarkets were infected … Continue Reading
Foreign seafood processors in Ecuador, Portugal, Malaysia, Spain and Vietnam have, in the past month or so, have received warning letters from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All face the possibility of having their fish or fish products detained at the U.S. border without any physical examination unless FDA’s concerns are addressed. And,... Continue Reading
Food Safety and the Pro-GMO Lobby: “Anti-science” and a Politically Motivated Agenda

The pro-GMO lobby claims that there is a scientific consensus on the safety of GM food and therefore the GMO debate is over. It claims that GMOs guarantee higher yields and less pesticide/herbicide use. The claim is also made that GM agriculture has no adverse impact on soil, the nutritional value and health of crops or biodiversity. The industry and its supporters claim that the … Continue Reading

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