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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Great Britain: Fish and Land Snails Packed in Unhygienic Conditions

Ades Limited has been handling and packaging dried fish products and whole frozen African land snails in an unapproved establishment (this establishment is different to the one mentioned on product labels), under unsatisfactory hygiene conditions with a lack of traceability. Its existing approval has been revoked because of these issues.
Despite investigations by the enforcement authorities, it has not been possible to obtain the full distribution details or product traceability records for these products.
All dried fish products and whole frozen African land snails with the approval number GN 018 are affected by this alert.
The products include:
  • whole prawns
  • smoked catfish fillet
  • stockfish (dried cod)
  • stockfish tusk
  • boneless stockfish fillet cod
  • blue whiting
  • other dried fish and shellfish products
  • whole frozen African land snails
These products are sold in gold-coloured packages with clear front or in fully transparent packaging. To help  correctly identify these products, pictures of the labelling and packaging can be found below.
If you have bought any of these products, do not consume them.

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