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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

12/31/14 Health News: Activating hair growth with immune cells ♦ Walmart enhancing poultry safety ♦ Doctored food labels in China ♦ Christmas dinner that left dozens ill, one dead

Activating hair growth by modifying immune cells
How to restore hair loss is a task not undertaken exclusively by beauty practitioners. The discover reveals a novel angle to spur hair follicle growth. This also adds new knowledge to a broader problem: how to regenerate tissues in an adult organism, especially the skin Continue Reading
Walmart enhancing poultry safety measures
Walmart said Thursday it will implement enhanced poultry safety measures for suppliers, designed to further protect customers against food-borne illnesses. The company said all poultry suppliers for its Walmart and Sam’s Club stores must be in compliance with the new requirements by June 2016. Walmart said the new guidelines are in addition to the company’s food safety program … Continue Reading
Subway to investigate allegation on doctored food labels in China
FBR Staff Writer Published 30 December 2014 American fast food restaurant chain Subway has announced an investigation over a media report in China alleging that workers at a Beijing franchise manipulated food labels. The report said that workers in Beijing Subway outlet doctored the expiry and production dates on meat, drink and vegetable products in order to extend the use, … Continue Reading
Lions club says it's not responsible for dinner that left dozens ill, one dead
A club in Nackawic, N.B., is defending its image after a Christmas dinner at the club’s location left more than 30 people ill and one dead. More than 100 people attended the Dec. 5 turkey dinner, which was hosted by a local church. After eating, more than 30 people became sick.  Continue Reading

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