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Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/17/14 Health News: Decoding fat cells: Why we gain weight ♦Taiwan recalls tainted tofu ♦ Energy efficient homes linked to asthma ♦ Gut microbiota Linked to Parkinson’s disease

Decoding fat cells: Discovery may explain why we gain weight
Researchers believe they're on track to solve the mystery of weight gain -- and it has nothing to do with indulging in holiday eggnog. They discovered that a protein, Thy1, has a fundamental role in controlling whether a primitive cell decides to become a fat cell, making Thy1 a possible therapeutic target, according to a study  Continue Reading
Taiwan recalls tainted dried tofu in fresh food scare
Taiwanese authorities ordered more than two tonnes of tofu be removed from shelves Wednesday over fears it could contain a banned industrial dye, in the island's latest food scandal. Almost 40 types of flavoured dried tofu involving ten different companies are suspected to have become contaminated with dimethyl yellow, which is linked to cancer in animals, the Food and Drug …Continue Reading
Energy efficient homes linked to asthma
The drive for energy efficient homes could increase asthma risks, according to new research that has found that a failure by residents to heat and ventilate retrofitted properties could lead to more people developing the respiratory condition. Continue Reading

Parkinson’s disease sufferers have a different microbiota in their intestines than their healthy counterparts, according to a study.  Researchers are now trying to determine what the connection between intestinal microbes and Parkinson’s disease is.Continue Reading

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