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Sunday, December 14, 2014

12/13/14 Health News: Making a Pig’s Ear out of Food Safety ♦ Fast relief from severe neck pain ♦ Curb binge-drinking ♦ Metal test helps diagnose breast cancer early

Making a Pig’s Ear out of Food Safety
IF, thanks to an experimental inspection program, a meatpacking firm produces as much as two tons a day of pork contaminated by fecal matter, urine, bile, hair, intestinal contents or diseased tissue, should that count as a success? The agency responsible for enforcing food safety laws has not only approved this new inspection regime but is considering whether to …Continue Reading
Spine patient gets fast relief after years of severe neck pain
A new article outlines how a spine patient obtained almost instant relief after years of severe neck pain. The patient injured her neck after falling from her roof while clearing snow. She tried various therapies over the years, but the treatments provided, at best, only temporary relief.  Continue Reading
Tis the season for youth to curb binge-drinking
With the holidays around the corner, we're all a little more likely to indulge, especially when it comes to alcohol. While a few extra drinks might be brushed off as holiday cheer, they can actually signal a problem in young adults. Continue Reading
Metal test could help diagnose breast cancer early

It may be possible to develop a simple blood test that, by detecting changes in the zinc in our bodies, could help to diagnose breast cancer early, scientists say. In a world-first, the researchers were able to show that changes in the isotopic composition of zinc, which can be detected in a person's breast tissue, could make it possible to identify a 'biomarker' (a measurable indicator) of early breast cancer Continue Reading

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