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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Health News: : Live beetles found in baby food ♦ Polar bears aren't the only victims of climate change ♦ Why is scratching an itch so rewarding?

Fresh trouble for Nestle: Live beetles found in baby food In the midst of the controversy over the safety of popular noodles Maggi, Nestle India seems to be headed for more trouble with a city couple complaining of the presence of live beetles inside the pack of baby food they purchased.The samples were collected and will be sent to labs for testing.
Polar bears aren't the only victims of climate change From heat waves to damaged crops to asthma in children, climate change is a major public health concern, argues a researcher. Climate change is about more than melting ice caps and images of Earth on fire, he said, believing that bioethicists could help re frame current climate change discourse.
Law enforcement officers should be authorized to administer naloxone One way to reduce the nation's number of opioid-related deaths, states an American drug policy expert, is through the timely administration of naloxone, the life-saving overdose antidote. New research highlights law enforcement's overdose prevention efforts and addresses the legal risk associated with their administration of naloxone.
Can phone data detect real-time unemployment? Mobile phone data can provide rapid insight into employment levels, precisely because people's communications patterns change when they are not working
Why is scratching an itch so rewarding? Researchers may be closer to understanding why scratching evokes a rewarding and pleasurable sensation in patients with chronic itch. Using advanced fMRI, they looked at brain activity while chronic itch patients and healthy subjects scratched. They found areas of the brain involved in motor control and reward processing were more activated in chronic itch patients while they scratched. This may help explain the addictive scratching experienced by these patients.

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