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Friday, November 20, 2015

Health News: Repairing neurons with light, ♦ Self-healing sensor brings 'electronic skin' closer to reality ♦ Obesity and type 2 diabetes harm bone healt

Vitamin D deficiency may limit immune recovery in HIV-positive adults Low levels of vitamin D may limit the effectiveness of HIV treatment in adults, a researcher has found. An 18-month longitudinal study was conducted in which the immune status of 398 HIV-positive adults The researchers, through observation, related the rise in immune function to whether or not individuals had adequate levels of vitamin D
Self-healing sensor brings 'electronic skin' closer to reality Scientists have developed a self-healing, flexible sensor that mimics the self-healing properties of human skin. Incidental scratches or cuts to the sensors "heal" themselves in less than one day.
Repairing neurons with light Scientists have succeeded in stimulating the regeneration of injured neurons in living fish by the use of light. To this end, they employed so-called Optogenetics, i.e. light inducible protein activation.
Obesity and type 2 diabetes harm bone health In a new animal study, researchers examined how the development of obesity and insulin resistance contribute to bone-fracture risk and whether exercise prevents weight gain and diabetes and protects bone health. They found obesity and type 2 diabetes negatively affected bone, but exercise prevented weight gain and diabetes and increased bone strength. These findings could inform interventions to improve bone health among individuals with obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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