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Monday, November 23, 2015

Senior's Health: How fast you move can predict how healthy you'll be ♦ New app helps seniors live better ♦Team approach may reduce readmissions due to falls in seniors

A comprehensive care program that involves a team of specialists from multiple medical disciplines for treating injuries sustained from falls in older adults could help reduce hospital readmissions, according to researchers. Under the program, the 30-day readmission rate for falls declined 10 percent from 2012-13 and remained unchanged in 2014. The 30-90 day readmission rate from 2012-13 also declined, before rising slightly in 2014.
A new technological solution developed by researchers is aimed at enhancing the physical health, vitality and brain fitness of seniors residing in independent living communities.
Instead of focusing on drawing out the length of life, researchers have created a tool that can be used for accurately predicting lifespan as well as assessing the current health state, and discovered the regulatory mechanism that extends “healthspan”, the time in which an organism is at its optimal health.
Even among Americans in their mid-70's and older, being more active, including walking at a reasonable pace or distance, is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular events,

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