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Monday, November 16, 2015

Health News:Hepatitis C investigation expands to second hospital ♦ Protein-RNA structure hints at how viruses commandeer human proteins

Hepatitis C investigation expands to second hospital  Davis Hospital and Medical Center in Layton will notify 2,369 patients November 12 stating that they may have been exposed to hepatitis C after a patient at McKay-Dee Hospital contracted the blood-borne pathogen allegedly from a former nurse who stole morphine and Dilaudid. Davis Hospital issued alerts after investigators discovered that the nurse was previously employed
Social media offers neuroscientists a treasure trove of research material Because social media is used so pervasively in modern society to tap into people's behaviors and thoughts, neuroscientists are finding Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to be very useful tools in a broad range of research areas. A review describes some of the approaches that neuroscientists can use to gain valuable insights from social media.
Protein-RNA structure hints at how viruses commandeer human proteins Researchers have produced the first image of an important human protein as it binds with ribonucleic acid (RNA), a discovery that could offer clues to how some viruses, including HIV, control expression of their genetic material. That information could lead to new strategies to block viruses from replicating, thereby limiting or halting infection.
Medical marijuana should be held to same standard as other drugs. Medical marijuana needs to be studied like any other drug. No one is opposed to the active ingredients in it, but we need to have some data. That is what we would expect from any other drug.

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