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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Women's Health: Biomarker predicts preeclampsia at six weeks of pregnancy ♦ Solution for lowering cholesterol in pregnant wome ♦ Angelina Jolie effect

New biomarker predicts development of preeclampsia at six weeks of pregnancy Preeclampsia is generally diagnosed later in pregnancy, but new research reports that the protein copeptin can predict the development of preeclampsia as early as six weeks of gestation. The findings could lead to diagnosis of the disorder in the first trimester, improving care and potentially leading to the development of preventative measures.
Tattoos may be a coping mechanism for some college-age women Women with multiple tattoos report higher self-esteem than anyone else in a recent study, and escalating acquisition of body art does not correlate with increased depression or suicide ideation. However, the same multi-tattooed women also report a much higher frequency of past suicide attempts.
Mother nature may have solution for lowering cholesterol in pregnant women Researchers are studying whether plant sterols can be used as a natural alternative to drug therapy for pregnant women who have high cholesterol. While it’s normal for a woman’s cholesterol to spike during pregnancy, excessive lipid levels — whether from genetic or dietary reasons — can have negative health effects on the offspring, both early in life and later on as adults.
Breast cancer clinic attributes increased uptake of double mastectomies to Angelina Jolie effect An increased uptake of preventative double mastectomies has been seen since May 2013, when Angelina Jolie announced that she had undergone the procedure.

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