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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Brain Research: Protein that boosts memory identified ♦ How the brain wakes you up ♦Mental time travel: An exclusively human capacity?

Protein that boosts memory identified Research findings of a group of neurobiologists could lead to new treatment approaches for anxiety disorders, a new report says. Mouse experiments showed that the Dnmt3a2 protein can boost memory performance in the animals
Biochemical clues may predict who develops Alzheimer's disease -- and who doesn't Investigators have wondered why the brains of some cognitively-intact elderly individuals have abundant pathology on autopsy or significant amyloid deposition on neuroimaging that are characteristic of Alzheimer's disease. Researchers have investigated biochemical factors and identified differences in proteins from parietal cortex synapses between patients with and those without manifestation of dementia
Mental time travel: An exclusively human capacity? Are humans the only ones who are able to remember events that they had experienced and mentally time travel not only into the past but also the future? Or do animals have the same capacity? To a certain extent they do, according to three researchers who are contributing a new theoretical model to this long-standing discussion.
How the brain wakes you up A mechanism that is responsible for the rapid arousal from sleep and anesthesia in the brain has been discovered by researchers. The results of their study suggest new strategies for the medical treatment of sleep disorders and recovery of consciousness in vegetative states.

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