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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Cancer Research: Treating colon cancer with vitamin A ♦ Active ingredient in magic mushrooms reduces anxiety,depression in cancer patients

Active ingredient in magic mushrooms reduces anxiety, depression in cancer patients Psilocybin, found in magic mushrooms, decreased anxiety and depression in patients diagnosed with life-threatening cancer. Patients who received a psilocybin dose that altered perception and produced mystical-type experiences reported significantly less anxiety and depression .The positive effects lasted 6 months.
Advanced thyroid cancer rate in some California counties is well above national average There are several parts of California where, in a high percentage of people with thyroid cancer, the disease is already at an advanced stage by the time it is diagnosed.
Potential of liquid biopsy for breast cancer patients Information gleaned from a liquid biopsy may help predict how individual women with advanced breast cancer will respond to certain therapies as well as reveal genetic mutations that can impact prognosis.
Treating colon cancer with vitamin A  A leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide, colon cancer is famously resistant to treatment. Now the biological pathway behind the growth of colon cancer has been discovered by researchers who have been able block it with vitamin A

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