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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Cancer Research: Study examines obesity in relation to breast cancer ♦Difficult-to-treat head and neck cancer ♦ When cancer of unknown origin strikes, patient's family members face increased risk

Pancreas cancer liquid biopsy flows from blood-borne packets of tumor genes Pancreatic cancer tumors spill their molecular secrets into the bloodstream, shedding their complete DNA and RNA wrapped inside protective lipid particles that make them ripe for analysis with a liquid biopsy.
Nursing study examines obesity in relation to breast cancer related lymphedema Lymphedema is a major health problem negatively affecting many breast cancer survivors survivors' quality of life. Now researchers have shown this condition can be managed with early and appropriate treatment.
Novel strategies are on the way for difficult-to-treat and advanced head and neck cancer, the most heterogeneous group of malignancies which are generally associated with poor survival.
Cancer usually begins in one location and then spreads, but in 3 percent to 5 percent of cancer patients, the tissue where a cancer begins is unknown. Family members of patients with cancers of unknown origin have a higher risk for getting those and other types of cancers.

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