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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cancer Research: Suicide gene therapy kills prostate tumor cells ♦ Imaging test detects aggressive, treatment-resistant cancers ♦ Understanding of ovarian cancer

Imaging test detects aggressive, treatment-resistant cancers A new imaging test has been developed that could enable doctors to identify more dangerous tumors before they spread around the body -- and tailor treatment accordingly. Researchers describe detailed development of magnetic resonance imaging technology to map areas of oxygen deprivation within tumors.
Younger and older patients experience different symptoms from the same breast cancer drugs, The long-term outcomes in postmenopausal women who took two widely used breast cancer treatments have been analyzed. Researchers found that although both drugs were safe and effective, and had no detrimental effect on overall quality of life, there were some differences in the type and severity of symptoms the women experienced with each treatment, and these especially differed by age.
Fallopian tube organoids promise better understanding of ovarian cancer, infertility A new way of growing fallopian tube cells in culture is expected to give a boost to our understanding and prevention of female genital diseases, such as infertility, inflammatory disease, and ovarian cancer.
Suicide gene therapy kills prostate tumor cells Results from a long-term clinical trial conducted by cancer researchers show that combining radiation treatment with 'suicide gene therapy' provides a safe and effective one-two punch against the disease.

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