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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cancer Research: Increased meat consumption, linked to kidney cancer risk ♦ New link found in colon cancer, melanoma drug treatment ♦ Better test for prostate cancer

Increased meat consumption, especially when cooked at high temperatures, linked to elevated kidney cancer risk Diets high in meat may lead to an increased risk of developing renal cell carcinoma through intake of carcinogenic compounds created by certain cooking techniques, such as barbecuing and pan-frying.
New link found in colon cancer, melanoma drug treatment New research findings show link a between colorectal cancer and melanoma drug treatment known as NT157. ancer is a highly complex disease in which the tumor recruits its surrounding tissue, as well as the immune system to support and promote its own growth. This realization explains why tumor therapy has been difficult for physicians. Researchers now realize that not only does the tumor need to be targeted, but also its microenvironment and the immune system, which is subverted by the tumor to support it.
Liquid biopsy of cerebrospinal fluid for more effective policing of brain tumors The exploitation of cerebrospinal fluid-derived circulating DNA as liquid biopsy promises a more accurate, effective and less invasive approach in unmasking the molecular characteristics of brain tumors.
New test for prostate cancer significantly improves prostate cancer screening A new study shows that a new test for prostate cancer is better at detecting aggressive cancer than PSA. The new test, which has undergone trial in 58,818 men, discovers aggressive cancer earlier and reduces the number of false positive tests and unnecessary biopsies.

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