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Monday, November 9, 2015

Health News: Poison in fruits ♦ Warning about Dungeness and Rock Crabs caught in central and northern California ♦ Mucus: The first line of defense

Poison in fruits I WANT to draw the attention of the government towards the use of a highly poisonous and carcinogenic chemical ‘calcium carbide’ (CaC2) normally known as white powder in the ripening of fruits. In recent months, the Punjab Health Authority has started a stringent checking of unhygienic and adulterated food. However, the use of calcium carbide to artificially ripen fruits and
Warning about Dungeness and Rock Crabs caught in central and northern California  A statement released by the California Department of Public Health November 3 advised the public to avoid consuming Dungeness and Rock crabs caught in waters along the Oregon border and southern Santa Barbara county line until further notice due to high levels of domoic acid after State testing revealed that the toxin had consistently exceeded the State’s action level.
Protein movement of hair bundles in the inner ear may preserve hearing for life The movement of protein within hair cells of the inner ear shows signs of a repair and renewal mechanism.
Mucus: The first line of defense By licking a wound, it heals faster – this is not simply popular belief, but scientifically proven. Our saliva consists of water and mucus, among other things, and the mucus plays an important role. It stimulates white blood cells to build a good defense against invaders,
Mixed martial arts bloodier but less dangerous than boxing Researchers evaluate a decade's worth of post-fight medical examinations to shed new light on injury risks of combative sports. The research offers a first-of-its-kind glimpse into the dangers of the two combative sports, and is the direct result of the author's quarter-century of experience as a ringside physician conducting post-fight exams, which are mandatory in both boxing and mixed martial arts.

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