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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Health Research: Sperm crane their neck to turn right ♦ Seeing viruses in a new light ♦ Contaminants in New York City’s community gardens

Seeing viruses in a new light If researchers can understand how viruses assemble, they may be able to design drugs that prevent viruses from forming in the first place. Unfortunately, how exactly viruses self-assemble has long remained a mystery because it happens very quickly and at such small length-scales. Now, there is a system to track nanometer-sized viruses at sub-millisecond time scales. The method is the first step towards tracking individual proteins and genomic molecules at high speeds as they assemble to create a virus.
Contaminants in New York City’s community gardens While community gardens provide benefits including urban green space, opportunities for recreation, art expression, social gathering, and improved diets, urban gardening may also increase the opportunity for exposure to common urban soil contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons
Unique anti-diabetes compound using powerful new drug-discovery method A powerful new drug discovery technique has been developed to identify an anti-diabetes compound with a novel mechanism of action, a technique with significant potential to quickly find drug candidates.
Sperm crane their neck to turn right Spermatozoa need to crane their necks to turn right to counteract a left-turning drive caused by the rotation of their tails, new research has found. The researchers discovered that all sperm tails (flagella) rotate in a counter-clockwise motion as they beat to enable them to move through and against the motion of a fluid.

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