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Saturday, January 11, 2014

1/11/14 Health News: Wash Reusable Bags, 33 People Died after Questionable Audit, Hospitals use Ultraviolet Light to Kill Bacteria

Reusable bags redux: wash them
The reusable-shopping-bags-are-full-of-bacteria stories are uh, being recycled, but at least the alarmist nature has subsided. Barrett Newkirk of the Desert Sun writes that while reusable shopping bags can contain bacteria that the risk reduction solution is pretty easy – wash them Continue reading

Listeria lawsuits question food safety audits
Lawsuits filed by victims of a 2011 Listeria outbreak that killed four New Mexicans and severely sickened a fifth raise questions about the effectiveness of food safety inspections required by many retailers.
The New Mexico victims were among 33 people killed nationally by bacterial infections linked to cantaloupes grown at a farm in Colorado, making it one of the deadliest outbreaks of food-borne illness in U.S. history.Continue reading

Hospitals Launch Major Infection Control Efforts for Bacteria

Harrington Hospital's newest weapon in the fight against dangerous bacteria is a light-flashing robot. The machine bathes patient rooms in ultraviolet light, the beams penetrating the DNA of bacteria cells and rendering them inactive. It promises to kill germs that disinfectants like bleach leave behind. And when bacteria are left behind, they can grow and enter the bodies of sick patients lying in hospital beds.Continue Reading

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