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Thursday, January 9, 2014

1/9/14 Health News: 416 Sick- Foster Farms Plant Closed, Bacteria Causes Premature Births, Most Imported Seafood Violator Federal Law

416 sick from Salmonella: USDA closes Foster Farms plant over roach infestation
416 sick from Salmonella that has been going on for months. The feds finally decided to close a Foster Farms plant in California.Continue Reading

Bacteria Possible Cause of Preterm Births

The type of bacteria that colonize the placenta during pregnancy could be associated with preterm birth and other developmental problems in newborns according to research published in the current issue of the online journal mBio®.Continue Reading

Almost All Imported Seafood Violates Federal Law

On October 1, 2013, a female humpback whale washed up dead on a Long Island beach. Its 20-ton body, discovered by an early-morning surfer, bore signs of trauma. The cause of death, although it’s being investigated by the federal government, is no great mystery. According to researchers on the scene, the whale’s wounds were consistent with injuries from fishing nets .continue reading

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