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Monday, January 20, 2014

1/20/14 Health News: Pasteurized or Raw Milk? - Heroin or Poppy Seeds? - Can What you Eat cause Irritable Bowel Disease?

When Louis Pasteur developed and patented the process of pasteurization in the 1860s, it had nothing to do with milk. He was more concerned with keeping beer from spoiling. But, by the turn of the century, this method of preservation had been adapted to address common water- and milk-borne diseases such as tuberculosis, diphtheria, severe... Continue Reading

Test Distinguishes Between Poppy Seeds, Heroin
Research in Wiley’s Drug Testing and Analysis explores a new test which may present a solution to this so-called “poppy seed defense.” The team sought to identify an acetylated derivative which is known to be present in street heroin, but would not be found in either poppy seeds or medicines containing opiates. The authors identified a unique glucuronide metabolite — designated ATM4G — which could be used as a marker of street heroin use.Continue Reading

Microbes Adapts to Diet Change in a Day
The human gut microbiome is well known to adapt during the long term to a changing diet, but a study published online December 11 in Nature shows that this adaptation can happen in a day. Chronic illnesses related to nutrition and digestion, such as obesity and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), may arise at least in part from microbiome changes that parallel the fatty and sugary diets that many Westerners follow.

"Together, these findings are consistent with the hypothesis that diet-induced changes to the gut microbiota may contribute to the development of [IBD]," the researchers conclude.continue reading

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