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Friday, January 24, 2014

1/24/14 Health News: Green Tea Impedes Blood Pressure Medication - 5 Min. Test Identifies Exposure to Second Hand Cigarette Smoke - India Polio Free

’Green Tea 'Can Impede Nadolol Blood Pressure Medicine'
Green tea can weaken the effects of a commonly prescribed blood pressure pill, experts warn. Japanese researchers found the herbal drink blocks special cell transporters that normally help the body absorb the beta-blocker medicine. In tests, people who drank green tea alongside taking their tablets ended up with lower circulating blood levels of the drug nadolol. Experts say consumers need to be aware of this interaction.continue reading

Five Minute Saliva Test to Identify Smokers Rolled Out to Health Schemes, UK
Smokers who need extra incentives to quit the cigarettes this new year should take note that even private health insurance premiums may be reduced if they can prove they have stopped for good - and with the aid of a pioneering test from the University of Birmingham, the proof can be easy to acquire. The Saliva SmokeScreen test is part of the PruHealth free Vitality Healthcheck programme to verify non-smoking in their policy holders, so they can qualify for its unique non-smoker cash back reward. The saliva test, which was developed by Dr Graham Cope continue reading

1.2 Billion Reasons to Celebrate: India Set To Be Polio-free
This is a landmark achievement for global public health and the worldwide effort to eradicate polio. India, which once had the highest number of polio cases in the world, is now polio-free, an achievement reports say the World Health Organisation will certify in February. But it's been a long road to get here. With poor sanitation, densely populated areas and large numbers of people living in extreme poverty, northern states like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were the 'perfect storm' when it came to the spread of polio. And without the vital collaboration between the Indian government and the global polio eradication initiative – a partnership among Rotary International, Unicef, WHO and the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention – this may not have been possible.continue reading

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