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Monday, January 13, 2014

1/13/14 Health News: Food Irradiation Facts - Biocides in Food Processing - Can Ginger Help Asthma

In October 2013, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a draft risk assessment on the levels of contaminants in spices. The report made headlines nationwide for including the finding that 12 percent of spices imported to the U.S. were contaminated with everything from insects and rodent excrement to human hair and staples. Another major... Continue Reading

Improper Use of Biocides is Public Health Concern
Biocides used in the food industry at sublethal doses may be endangering, rather than protecting, public health by increasing antibiotic resistance in bacteria and enhancing their ability to form harmful biofilms,.Continue Reading

Can Ginger Help With Asthma?
Studies Find It Can Ease Symptoms by Opening Airways
The Claim: Ginger, a root known for its strong, earthy flavor, can help ease symptoms of asthma by opening constricted airways.
The Verdict: Ginger, well known as a therapy for an upset stomach, is recently getting attention among scientists for what appears to be its capacity to open constricted airways—demonstrated in several recent studies, in animals and in human cells tested in a lab.Continue Reading

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