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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1/8/14 Health News:,Genetic Differences in Identical Twins, Poor Handwriting Leads to Patient's Death,

Genetic Differences Discovered Between 'Identical' Twins
Technically, the Eurofins scientists applied Eurofins' ultra-deep next generation sequencing and associated bioinformatics techniques. They sequenced DNA from sperm samples of two twins and from a blood sample of the child of one twin. Bioinformatics analysis revealed five mutations, so called Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) present in the twin father and the child, but not in the twin uncle. The SNPs were confirmed by classical Sanger sequencing. The results give experimental evidence for the hypothesis that rare mutations will occur early after or before the human blastocyst has split into two, the origin of twins, and that such mutations will be carried on into somatic tissue and the germ line.
The genetic differences found and the method used provide a solution to solve forensic and paternity cases involving monozygotic twins as originator of DNA traces in crime, or as alleged fathers. Eurofins is the first to offer such a test.continue Reading
Poor Handwriting Leads to Patient's Death
While visiting her in the hospital, Dr. F began writing a prescription for 10 mmol of potassium for the patient. He was interrupted while he was writing, and when he went back to it afterwards, he rethought the dosage and decided to make it 20 mmol instead.  However, rather than start with a fresh prescription, or cross out what was already written, Dr. F attempted to write a number “2” over the “1.” After he left the hospital, the nurse and pharmacist misread the prescription, believing that it read 120 mmol rather than 20. The prescription was filled for 120 mmol of potassium. Within 12 hours, Mrs. D was dead. continue reading

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