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Saturday, January 25, 2014

1/25/14 Health News: Deadly Delays in Newborns - New Biopsy Picks Out Aggressive Cancer - Gold Nanoparticles Track Enteroviruses - New Suicide Test.

Deadly Delays in Newborns Blood Tests
In a special report titled "Deadly Delays," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper showed this past fall that Iowa and Delaware are the only two states in the U.S. that get blood samples from babies and quickly transport them to a lab for analysis as required by federal law. While all states may take the samples, the report found that how and when they are transported to a lab varies widely across the nation. The Iowa State Hygienic lab is centrally located in Ankeny for what is called the Newborn Screening Program. The lab operates in partnership with the Iowa Department of Public Health in Des Moines and the University of Iowa Children's Hospital in Iowa City.Continue Reading

New Biopsy Test Could Pick Out Aggressive Form of Skin Cancer
Testing the genetic profile of immune cells next to a melanoma could lead to more accurate diagnosis to spot whether a skin cancer is aggressive enough to spread, researchers from Italy have found. Development of the research finding could enable doctors to focus cancer treatment on skin cancer patients who need it - while sparing the harm of intervening when patients do not need it continue reading

Gold Core Nanoparticles Allow for Precise Tracking of Enteroviruses
Enteroviruses are a cause of a bunch of infamous and pernicious diseases, from polio to hand, foot and mouth disease, but because of their size and variability studying them has proven to be a significant challenge. Being able to attach tracking particles that are discreet enough not to affect the behavior of the virus may revolutionize our ability to study these pathogens The study also showed that the infectivity of the viruses is not compromised by the attached gold particles, which indicates that the labelling method does not interfere with the normal biological functions of viruses inside cells. Continue Reading

'Suicide Test' May Aid Antidepressant Decision Making
A genetic test in development promises to help doctors identify patients at increased risk for suicide after starting antidepressant therapy. The test for treatment-emergent suicidal ideation is based on research carried out Continue Reading

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