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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Children's Health: Helping kids hear better ♦ Children's ability to think linked to weight and activity ♦ Northern climates make a difference with growth hormone treatmen

Northern climates make a difference with growth hormone treatment The rate of growth in children varies with the season while higher latitude and greater summer daylight exposure makes a significant difference in results for children treated with growth hormone.
Singing calms baby longer than talking In a new study, infants remained calm twice as long when listening to a song, which they didn't even know, as they did when listening to speech.
Helping kids hear better A first-of-its-kind study discovered that many hard-of-hearing children who receive optimal, early services are able to 'catch up or significantly close the gaps with their hearing peers,'
New growth charts developed for US children with Down syndrome Pediatric researchers have developed the first set of growth charts for US children with Down syndrome since 1988. These new charts provide an important tool for pediatricians to evaluate growth milestones for children and adolescents with this condition. With these new charts, pediatricians will be able to compare each patient's growth patterns with peers of the same age and sex who have Down syndrome.
When it comes to children's ability to think, weight and activity level both matter Weight and physical activity levels are both factors in a child's ability to acquire and use knowledge, a new study finds. Children who were lean and active scored better on cognitive tests than either their lean, inactive peers or overweight, inactive children, according to the study, which provides some of the first evidence that weight, independent of physical activity, is a factor

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